Career at Day Fleet

Day Fleet employees, who have the ability to collect and analyze information that can predetermine possible changes in customer needs, who have the ability to offer technological innovations that can meet the needs of their customers, who have the competence to continuously increase quality and customer satisfaction, work towards the goal of making the company a national and international brand and an important actor in its sector.

In order to realize this goal, Day Fleet works with professionals with the following perspective.

  • Improving the level of customer satisfaction, understanding the customer, attracting attention with communication,
  • Foreseeing new opportunities and changes, planning for the future and doing his/her job on time,
  • Proposing and pioneering innovations, ideas and differences,
  • Preferring to achieve healthy, sustainable goals rather than momentary successes,
  • Believing that success can be achieved in an orderly and rule-bound manner, reailizing business processes in a certain order, within workflow rules,
  • Follows technological innovations in the field of expertise, tests new applications, and implements innovations,
  • Supports the establishment of cooperation, offers suggestions for its development, participates, can be part of the organization, has a sense of belonging,
  • Representing the organization and its vision in the workplace and social environments with the attitudes and behaviors displayed in verbal and written communication channels,
  • Performs tasks within the service, product, organization in accordance with total work quality, and is able to apply quality standards practices and procedures,
  • A person who can foresee the negative effects of every action he/she will take in his/her duty on people, environment, machinery, external units, who is cautious, makes decisions by thinking, and performs his/her duty,

Who Are We Looking For?

As Day Fleet; we employ people who are open to development, prone to teamwork, highly motivated, who can provide added value to the company and who can carry us forward in achieving our goals.

All candidates are given equal opportunity to be recognized and evaluated according to their knowledge, skills and competencies.

In recruitment, we evaluate the most suitable candidate for the long term and the main goal is to place the right people in the right job.

If you want to join Day Fleet, which is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the leading brands in fleet leasing in the national and international arena, to be a part of this big family and to open the doors of brand new career opportunities, come to our web page become a member and direct your career.

To Be the Best...

To be the most preferred and most efficient fleet car rental company in the regions it serves, focused on customer satisfaction;

  • Our most valuable asset is our human resources.
  • "Trust" between us and our employees is our indispensable core value.
  • We act with the understanding of "respect for people".
  • "Business ethics" is our ethical value.
  • We attach great importance to the training of employees and the training of leading cadres.
  • We do not discriminate based on gender, language, religion or race.
  • We adopt a supportive and positive communication style.
  • We care about continuous development.
  • We recognize and support the importance of team spirit.
  • We ensure that our colleagues are assigned tasks appropriate to their knowledge and skills, and we take measures to increase productivity.
  • We create a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment in terms of employee health and try to ensure its continuity.
  • We aim to establish and develop systems that will ensure the personal and performance development of our colleagues.
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